Good Shepherd Presbyterian Christian Education - Fall 2014 

Sundays: 9:30-10:30pm 

Each semester, we offer different options of styles (lecture vs. discussion/interactive, academic vs. intro level, topic vs. textual, etc.) to meet a variety of learning styles, interests, and spiritual needs. In keeping with our focus on BEing intergenerational, these three classes are open to adults and high school youth together:

If you want a textual Bible Study… 

If you want to learn what the Bible has to say about your personal finances… 
HOW TO MANAGE YOUR MONEY will be based on Larry Burkett’s Christian Financial Concepts Series and will include looking at Scripture for guidance on how to view/use our money, watching excerpts of Burkett's classes, and getting a real-world education and discussion on budgeting, investing and managing expenses. [Mark Katibah]

If you want to discuss and share openly with others... 
LOVING AS CHRIST LOVED will offer sound biblical categories that might allow us to move more freely into people’s lives for their sakes, with whimsy and joy. God entered into our reality to bring us to God. How can we do the same for others? [Ray Ball]

In order to trust someone, you have to know them. So, how well do we really know Jesus? Whether you have grown up in the church or are just hearing about Jesus for the first time, we will dive into God’s Word to understand more about who Jesus is and hopefully dispel any misconceptions. Come with questions and doubts - we want honest discussion and hearts that are seeking truth. [Joanie Fedor]

K-5TH GRADERS will use the rotation model - each month, they will begin with a story, then unpack that same story more and more each week through drama, art, and service projects. Each month will be a new story with new ways to learn through planned activities. [Melissa Lancaster, Paulette Austin, Doran Buchmann, Chris Orr, Jane Chiseck, Barbara Thomson] [Sunday mornings continued…]

PRESCHOOLERS will explore the Wee Believe curriculum - “We Belong to God.” They will learn who God is in the world and who He is to them. [Angela Hinton and Lara Dolinger]

CHILDREN’S CHURCH meets during 11:00 am worship, after the children’s sermon. Children ages 4 years old through 1st grade are dismissed with an adult leader to hear the message of that week’s sermon on their own level and to understand and practice elements of worship.

INFANTS are lovingly cared for in our nursery by professional staff and volunteers during Sunday School and worship.

Contact Melissa Lancaster (; 704-364- 1234) for more information on Children’s Ministries.  

Wednesdays: 6:15-8:00pm
  • Catered Dinner (suggested donation $3pp): 6:15pm 
  • Inter-generational study (all together!): 7:00 pm 
Our Wednesday Night Program this year is called “BE” (the Body Embodied) because we want to BE the church, the Body of Christ, embodied in the real world in which we live. We will spend the Spring semester in our series, “Questions at the Table,” where we will explore together - inter-generationally - the questions YOU brought to our family table. We will use Bible Study, small group discussion, prayer, and creativity to attempt to answer all of your questions or find peace in not having all the answers! On February 26 and April 9 we will take a one-week break from our questions series to have two family projects: making a family Lent calendar and making Palm Crosses for Palm Sunday. During the Lenten season, we will celebrate with a special worship service on Ash Wednesday, March 5 and Maundy Thursday, April 17 (so no “BE” the night before, April 16). There will be no dinner the evenings of these worship services.

Why inter-generational ministry? 
“Tell your sons about it,
And let your sons tell their sons,
and their sons the next generation.” Joel 1:3 
 (just one of many Scriptural commands!) 

just for YOUTH

YOUTH GROUP meets on Sunday nights (middle school: 5-7 pm; high school: 5:30-7:30 pm) in Norton Hall. [leaders: Joanie Fedor, Russ Lancaster, Jeff Buchmann]

Our Current Series: Ever been on a boat? Ever been on a boat during a storm? You’re sailing along nicely, but sometimes a storm hits and you can come out of it a little worse for wear or even completely destroyed. Life can be like sailing in a boat. Can we prepare ourselves for disaster? Where is God when we are in pain? Is there any hope amidst life’s shipwrecks? We hope to have honest discussions about what causes us to doubt God’s goodness and how we can survive through the storms of life.

YOUTH also do lots of special activities through the year like service projects, concerts, retreats, game nights, and more. Contact Joanie Fedor (; 704-364-1234) for more information on Youth Ministries.

just for MEN

Men’s Prayer Group meets Tuesday mornings at 6:30 am to pray through the church prayer list together and then go out for breakfast. [John Wright]

just for WOMEN 

Women’s Bible Study meets in two groups:
  • Monday Nights, 7:00-8:30 pm [Barbara Thomson] 
  • Tuesday Mornings, 9:30-11:15 am [Ruth Ruane] 
Both groups are a delightful group of ladies of all ages and backgrounds who meet together to study, pray, laugh, cry, support, and encourage each other through all of life’s ups and downs and twists around. Both groups would love to welcome new members with open arms and open hearts!

Women of the Church meets twice a year for fellowship and spiritual growth - at a brunch (fall) and a retreat (spring). [Jane Chiseck]

Contact Kathy Larson (; 704-364-1234) for more information on Adult Ministries.