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General Fund
The general fund is how we fund our regular operations of ministry and mission.
Those operations are funded entirely by donations.

Capital Campaign
We are in the process of repairing and renovating key facilities. Sanctuary renovations are complete (11.01.14) and the youth building is in process. The completion of Phase I of our campaign will upgrade our gathering area, replace our organ, and provide basic repair to our manse.

Friends of Timothy Fund
The Timothy Fund is used to help individuals and families in crisis within the congregation and in our nearby neighborhood. It is administered by the deacons, who also meet with those in crisis for counseling, resourcing, encouragement, and prayer. A special offering towards the Timothy Fund is received during worship on the 3rd Sunday of every month.
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Youth Fund
The special youth fund is available to our youth ministry team for special projects
and scholarships outside the regular youth ministry budget.

Music Fund
The music fund provides for special guest musicians and programs throughout the year. Special gifts towards a new organ may be made here (and so noted) or through the capital campaign.