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Dear Good Shepherd family,

I wanted to alert you that we will be taking a special offering in worship for Haiti relief in the wake of the recent 7.0 earthquake. For a natural disaster on this scale, the most immediate need is for cash. We will be taking a special offering this Sunday and next (and can receive gifts at any point), to be sent to the Red Cross. Starting Feb. 1 we will transition our gifts to Samaritan's Purse and/or Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, both of whom will be transitioning into more intermediate and longer-term response.

I am writing to let you know that Good Shepherd can serve as a vehicle for gifts for Haiti relief. We will pass on 100% of your designated gifts to the agencies listed above and believe each of them will do a responsible job of using your money for maximum benefit.

If you want to write a check for the offering or to mail to us, simply note "Haiti relief" on the memo line. And if you want to designate specifically to one of the agencies above in a way different than the timeline described, just note that on the check.

If you are interested in learning more about charitable giving and disaster response, I would commend the following articles to you. The basic gist is that what is most helpful for maximum benefit and response is:

1) initial cash (first few weeks);
2) supplies sent from U.S. (several weeks in; requires systems to be in place for sorting/distribution);
3) volunteers (needed months in, but slow down response if they come in too early) - exceptions are trained, specialized volunteers like nurses and doctors
For more info:

Interaction: U.S. based NGO's - How to Help page

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
In God's grace,