GSPC News: Christmas, 2008

Singing e-card from the GSPC Carolers
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The church and preschool family was saddened this morning to hear that our dear friend and sister, Judy Plough, went home to be with the Lord. We rejoice that she is no longer suffering and that she has been reunited with Jesus and with her husband, but we will miss Judy greatly! A memorial service is planned for Saturday, December 27, with the time to be announced. I will update here as soon as that time is set.

In the midst of thinking about Judy and her family, we find ourselves between a glorious weekend past, focusing on forgiveness in worship and through the Christmas play - and a glorious Christmas Eve and Christmas to come, celebrating the birth and incarnation of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The play was outstanding, not only for the message, content, and superlative acting, but also as a "lighthouse" event that drew over 130 guests! I thrill at all the ways the hopeful news of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and lived out through our creative arts and music ministries!

In Christ,


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