philosophy of worship
The style of worship at Good Shepherd is an intentional blend of ancient, traditional, and modern forms of liturgy, prayer, music, and communication. Our starting point for planning each service is God’s Word, the Bible. Each week we seek to provide effective and numerous ways for worshipers to gather around, hear and respond, and go forth into the world with the good and hopeful Word of God in scripture. We also intentionally gather as a family of believers of many ages and backgrounds, and so use all the means at our disposal to invite each worshiper into the presence of God. It is our hope that each person present will not only worship God in Spirit and truth, but also in community. It is a joy and a privilege to worship God together!

our worship & music focus
Part of the mission of Good Shepherd is to worship God joyfully. It is in that God-focused spirit that our musical ministry aims to offer Him as beautiful an offering of worship as we are able, humbly acknowledging His greatness, and loving Him with heart, soul, mind and strength. Though we strive for excellence, we do so, not to “perform for” or to please the congregation, but rather to honor God and to lead His people in offering their praises, too.

We also aim to follow Christ’s call to be outward-focused, reaching out to each other and to our neighbors and community through music, sharing Christ’s love, truth and hope. Some current opportunities for musical outreach are: community choral concerts, neighborhood Christmas caroling, and bringing Word and music to residents of area nursing homes, hospital patients and inner city rehabilitation centers.

Recognizing our constant need of God, our worship and music ministries seek to maintain an attitude of prayer, that our hearts and lives be pleasing to God, our true act of worship. 


The Good Shepherd choir is an adult mixed choir which provides anthems and service music nearly every Sunday (with a break during the summer), and two major works per year, at Christmas and Easter. Weekly rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. in the choir room. Some musical skills are necessary, such as the ability to sing in tune and to harmonize; the ability to read music is also helpful, though not required. New members are always warmly received into the “choir family” – no audition is necessary.

worship team
The Worship Team leads the contemporary element of our worship services. Two rotating teams of instruments and voices are active year-round, in what can be described as a mostly acoustic worship style, including guitars, piano, bass, percussion, keyboard, and occasionally mandolin, flute or recorder. It is helpful for vocalists to be able to harmonize by ear. Rehearsals are Sunday mornings at 8:30 in the sanctuary.

children’s choirs
Children sing seasonally in worship, with several weeks of rehearsal preceding.

instrumental music
Psalm 150 speaks of a variety of musical instruments used to praise God. We use a variety of instruments at Good Shepherd, both from within the congregation and hired professionals. If you are new to Good Shepherd and play an instrument that you would like to offer in worship, please speak to our Director of Music Ministries. 

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Psalm 150

For more information, or to discuss how you might fit into one of the music ministries of Good Shepherd, please contact:

Eric Vanderheide
Director of Music Ministries