from the pastor

Welcome to the Good Shepherd church website. I am glad you are here! Whether you are just checking out the site or have visited recently, I hope you will take time to look online at who we are and what we are doing at Good Shepherd. And even more, I hope you will visit or visit again so that we can connect in person.

If you are new to the Christian faith, I'd encourage you to begin with the WHY CHURCH section of the site. It gives some context for this section which describes more of WHO WE ARE, from our beliefs to our leadership to our missions and ministries. The third section (WHAT IS HAPPENING) describes events on our calendar and has archives of sermons, services, newsletters, and more.

I have been the pastor of Good Shepherd since 2002 and have found this to be a very unique place of real people seeking and serving a very real God. What you won't find here is a fakey, polished-and-shined, too-good-to-be-true Christianity. Rather, you'll find sincere and authentic people who struggle, yet who keep coming together as friends and family to seek the One we believe has answers, help, hope, truth, and love.

I invite you to come visit us, find out more, and see if Good Shepherd is the place for you. Or give me a call (704-364-1234) or write an e-mail ( if you want to know more. We're here to be God's church, and I know God would be delighted for you to spend some time among us!

I hope to meet you soon. Let us hear from you!

In God's great grace,

Robert Austell