Read below about a number of fellowship events and then fellowship groups at Good Shepherd.

Fellowship Nights
The Congregational Life ministry team takes their ministry seriously! They not only provide excellent food and drink for special church progams, they also need no other occasion than fellowship. Look for special celebrations with the church family throughout the year. Past events include: Fiesta Night, Ice Cream Social, Chili Cook-Off, Fall Festival, ...

We also have a number of groups at Good Shepherd that gather regularly for food, fun, and fellowship. They are mostly organized by life-stage, but each group is quite flexible in terms of where you "fit" best. These groups are a great way to get to know the Good Shepherd family, so please come be a part!

20/30 Vision
The "twenty and thirty somethings" of the church meet once a month on the first Thursday to discuss a theological reading, to eat, and to play games. Have babies?... bring them along! Each meeting is in a different home, so call the church office (704-364-1234) to find out where the next meeting will be. You can also find many of this age group on the front 2-3 rows of the church each Sunday!

This is the most loosely defined life-stage group, pretty much catching everyone who fits between 20/30 and Primetimers. The group originally formed from parents whose kids had gone to college or otherwise left home, but 40-somethings with younger kids love hanging out with these folks for all the help we can collectively get with the teenage years! The ACTS group loves to eat, have game night, and go to sporting events. Check the church newsletter or call the church office for the next event.

This is the older adult (55+) ministry at Good Shepherd. This energetic group meets for lunch (sometimes at the church, sometimes out) following the worship service on the third Sunday of each month. The Primetimers also meet for fun and other enriching activities during the year and have a regular newsletter. Call the church office to get connected to the Primetimers.

Presbyterian Women
The women of the church meet periodically for fellowship, service, special offerings, and special events. Please contact Jane Chiseck (704-366-9753) for more information.