The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, of exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies, and sound judgment should be chosen for this office. It is the duty of deacons, first of all, to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.
At Good Shepherd, the Deacons lead our mercy ministries to the congregation and to the community. The Deacons currently serving are as follows:

Melissa Katibah ('19) co-chair
Marlis Littleton ('19)
Myra Carpenter ('19)
Leslie Pack ('19)
Linda Jenkins ('19) 
Clay Cupples ('20) co-chair
Angela Hinton ('20)
Brenda Lampson ('21)
Robin Orr ('21)