being a good neighbor

See some of the ways that we try to be a good neighbor in the Old Providence area neighborhoods in South Charlotte. Is there something we can do for you?... let us know!

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Community Service
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Meeting Space
Out of our desire to be a "good neighbor" in the Old Providence area, we welcome neighborhood associations, groups, or gatherings to request use of our facilities for meetings. We have rooms that can accomodate small groups of 5-6, 10, 20, 50, and 200 (though use of the 200-seat sanctuary is somewhat more restricted). If your group would like to use the church facility for a meeting, please contact the church office at 704-364-1234 or

Ball Field

We have a large softball field on the church property, which is used for a church softball league. We are also pleased to share use of it with neighborhood sports teams if our written "ball field usage policy" is followed. Currently, the field is being used by the Old Providence Recreation Association for a kids' baseball league. In the past, we have also hosted a kids' rugby team. With practice schedules, usually only one league or team can use the field per season, but these are re-negotiated each season. If you have a team or league interested in using the field, please contact the church office at 704-364-1234 or

Need Help/Have Questions?

It is our mission and desire to be a "good neighbor," particularly in the Old Providence neighborhoods, but in the broader community as well. If you need help or think we can serve you in any way, please contact the church office at 704-364-1234 or